Legal Status

  • Medicina is Legally incorporated in Sri Lanka with the approval of BOI- N (PVS) 44736
  • Knights of Charity comes under the purview of Medicina Trust which is legally registered
  • Over 100 Legally incorporated branches worldwide.
  • The only organization duly registered as a Continental European organization.
  • Established by Moscow Charter of 10 August 1975 amended on 10 January 2000, also incorporated in USA and registered with United Nations.
  • Knights Charter from Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem (Int Office) issued in 1993 and registered by the Prime Minister’s office of Malta in 1964.
  • Partnership with Deha Dhamma Centre incorporated by Act of Parliament of Sri Lanka Act 25 of 1992 developing Ecumenical. Medical, Humanitarian aspects of Knights utilizing nature for developing them as per ideals of king Ravana’s lineage.
  • A fully accredited Branch Campus of Azteca University North America
  • Partnership agreements with Hamdard University, Bangladesh and Kainar Academy Alma Ata.

Knights of Charity- Medicina Alternativa